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Cooper Classics Clocks


Jan 9th, 15
Our Kids love their Pendulux Clock
Great Customer Service!!!
Carol T. NY

Call Us Toll Free-866-916-7087 Hours Mon.-Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm PST Hours-Saturday 10.30am to 3.30pm PST Hours-Sunday:Phone lines are open
to leave a message. We will call you back on Monday morning

Cooper Classics was founded over 50 years ago and is currently operated by the third generation of the Cooper Family.

Our production and warehouse facilities are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Viginia.  In partnership with factories in Asia, we produce uniquely styled mirrors and accessory furniture.

Because of our extensive background in wood product manufacturing, we excel in design and production of solid wood mirror frames and furniture. We do not limit ourselves to wood.  We also produce a wide array of decorative composite mirror frames and clocks.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide products with outstanding quality and styling while maintaining a competitive price. This commitment makes us a valuable supplier to retailers, catalog companies and designers worldwide.

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Amanda Wall Clock Available 3/9 (SKU: CC-40346)Amanda Wall Clock Available 3/9 (SKU: CC-40346)
Antique de Paris Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40856)Antique de Paris Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40856)
Asher Grand Hotel Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40227)Asher Grand Hotel Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40227)
Atish Wall Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40596)Atish Wall Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40596)
Audrey Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4859)Audrey Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4859)
Blanco Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40708)Blanco Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40708)
Brazos Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40434)Brazos Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40434)
Calhoun  Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4818)Calhoun Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4818)
Capen Wall  Clock  by Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40707)Capen Wall Clock by Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40707)
Caravita Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40378)Caravita Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40378)
Chatham Clock Available 3/9 (SKU: CC-4932)Chatham Clock Available 3/9 (SKU: CC-4932)
Daria Wall Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-4893)Daria Wall Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-4893)
Dasha Clock Available 5/20 (SKU: CC-40547)Dasha Clock Available 5/20 (SKU: CC-40547)
Dedon Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40713)Dedon Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40713)
Dillon Wall Clock by Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40117)Dillon Wall Clock by Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40117)
Elko Wall Clock Available 3/16 (SKU: CC-40118)Elko Wall Clock Available 3/16 (SKU: CC-40118)
Fairbanks Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40354)Fairbanks Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40354)
Frye Clock 27.5" (SKU: CC-40137)Frye Clock 27.5" (SKU: CC-40137)
Gordon Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40606)Gordon Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40606)
Henley Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4819)Henley Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4819)
Hilde Bicycle Clock (SKU: CC-40674)Hilde Bicycle Clock (SKU: CC-40674)
Jarron Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40605)Jarron Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40605)
Jaybrook Wall Clock 23.5" (SKU: CC-40396)Jaybrook Wall Clock 23.5" (SKU: CC-40396)
La Salle Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40377)La Salle Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40377)
Landon Clock Out of Stock (SKU: CC-40737)Landon Clock Out of Stock (SKU: CC-40737)
Lindsey Wall Clock Available 3/16 (SKU: CC-2211)Lindsey Wall Clock Available 3/16 (SKU: CC-2211)
Linton Table Clock by Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40706)Linton Table Clock by Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40706)
Mabry Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40730)Mabry Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40730)
Mackenzie Clock Available 3/9 (SKU: CC-40040)Mackenzie Clock Available 3/9 (SKU: CC-40040)
Marlow Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-4790)Marlow Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-4790)
Mayflower Clock by Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40618)Mayflower Clock by Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40618)
McKenna Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4822)McKenna Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4822)
Mesa Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40351)Mesa Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40351)
Minden Clock (SKU: CC-40145)Minden Clock (SKU: CC-40145)
Norman Clock (SKU: CC-40658)Norman Clock (SKU: CC-40658)
Norwood Wall Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40736)Norwood Wall Clock Available 2/10 (SKU: CC-40736)
Payton Wall Clock Available 3/16 (SKU: CC-4815)Payton Wall Clock Available 3/16 (SKU: CC-4815)
Pearce Clock 32" Available 3/16 (SKU: CC-4817)Pearce Clock 32" Available 3/16 (SKU: CC-4817)
Redding Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40119)Redding Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40119)
Rowland Clock Nautical (SKU: CC-40146)Rowland Clock Nautical (SKU: CC-40146)
Ruhard Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40332)Ruhard Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40332)
Ruslana Mantel Available (SKU: CC-40550)Ruslana Mantel Available (SKU: CC-40550)
Rutledge Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40657)Rutledge Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40657)
Stasia Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40545)Stasia Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40545)
Sullivan 38" Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4965)Sullivan 38" Wall Clock (SKU: CC-4965)
Terminal Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40723)Terminal Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40723)
Thurston Wall Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40406)Thurston Wall Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40406)
Tradd Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40661)Tradd Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40661)
Valerian Table Clock New Release (SKU: CC-40438)Valerian Table Clock New Release (SKU: CC-40438)
Volga Table & Wall Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40501)Volga Table & Wall Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40501)
Wells Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40334)Wells Clock Cooper Classics (SKU: CC-40334)
Whitley Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40034)Whitley Wall Clock (SKU: CC-40034)
William Sutton Clock 24" Available 3/9 (SKU: CC-40046)William Sutton Clock 24" Available 3/9 (SKU: CC-40046)
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