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Pendulum Wall Clocks On Sale



FEb 5th, 2121
Such a beautiful clock and it was
shipped before I expected.
Thanks for you great customer service

Nov 9th,2020
Thank You for assisting me in my clock
purchase. I just love it.
Barbara B.
March 9, 2020

I love my huge 60" clock, it is gorgeouos in my new living room
Thank You for following up with me on my order. Your very

Shannon C.
Nov, 2019
It was hard to choose with so many styles, but we are very happy with our
Rooster kitchen clock. It looks  like one of a kind.
Stacy K.

April, 2019
I love this clock so much.
It's more beautiful than the photo.
Thank You for all your help
Peggy M.

Feb, 2019
We love this clock so much we orderd
two more as gifts for famiily members.
Thank You for great customer service.
Jack C.

Jan ,2019
Thank You! I love your clocks!
Camelia V.

Nov 21,2018
Thanks a million Joanie,
I really appreciate your prompt delivery
and personal customer service.
Anne R.

Thank You for the great customer service.
We love our new #clock and hung it up yesterday
in our dining room. Best
Anne S

April 22, 2018

Thank You for making my purchase so easy.
You have such a beautiful store hard to choose with so
many #beautiful clocks.
Leanne G

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Pendulum Wall Clock Gently Swinging Movement

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Airplane Map Clock PendulumAirplane Map Clock Pendulum
Amiee Floral Pendulum ClockAmiee Floral Pendulum Clock
Anthone Black & Wood Pendulum ClockAnthone Black & Wood Pendulum Clock
Balton Blue Clock PendulumBalton Blue Clock Pendulum
Balton Red Clock PendulumBalton Red Clock Pendulum
Be Still And Know Christian ClockBe Still And Know Christian Clock
Bellingham Street ClockBellingham Street Clock
Blue Floral Pendulum ClockBlue Floral Pendulum Clock
Blue Hydrangea ClockBlue Hydrangea Clock
Bond Street Clock Timeworks-Avail Mar 31stBond Street Clock Timeworks-Avail Mar 31st
Caffe Venezia Azure Clock 16" In StockCaffe Venezia Azure Clock 16" In Stock
Caffe Venezia Black Clock 16"IPCaffe Venezia Black Clock 16"IP
Caffe Venezia Black PendulumCaffe Venezia Black Pendulum
Caffe Venezia Cream Clock Avail May 6thCaffe Venezia Cream Clock Avail May 6th
Caffe Venezia Cream Clock Trademark Time CoCaffe Venezia Cream Clock Trademark Time Co
Calway Black ClockCalway Black Clock
Calway Red ClockCalway Red Clock
Charmet Blue Pendulum ClockCharmet Blue Pendulum Clock
Charmet Red Pendulum ClockCharmet Red Pendulum Clock
Charmet White Pendulum ClockCharmet White Pendulum Clock
Cherries Pendulum Wall ClockCherries Pendulum Wall Clock
Chronograph Black Pendulum ClockChronograph Black Pendulum Clock
Chronograph Cream Long Pendulum ClockChronograph Cream Long Pendulum Clock
Cirque Flottant Gray 14" PendulumCirque Flottant Gray 14" Pendulum
Cirque Flottant Pink 14" PendululmCirque Flottant Pink 14" Pendululm
Delorme Pendulum ClockDelorme Pendulum Clock
Des Voges Cream Clock In StockDes Voges Cream Clock In Stock
Emilie's Garden Clock with PendulumEmilie's Garden Clock with Pendulum
Floral Blue Clock PendulumFloral Blue Clock Pendulum
Floral Bouquet ClockFloral Bouquet Clock
Floral Lavender ClockFloral Lavender Clock
Flottant Blue Pendulum ClockFlottant Blue Pendulum Clock
Flottant Yellow Pendulum ClockFlottant Yellow Pendulum Clock
French Rooster Clock BlueFrench Rooster Clock Blue
French Rooster Clock PendulumFrench Rooster Clock Pendulum
Galleria Lafayette Clock Pendulum ClockGalleria Lafayette Clock Pendulum Clock
Galleria Orange Pendulum ClockGalleria Orange Pendulum Clock
Galleria Red Pendulum ClockGalleria Red Pendulum Clock
Grand Central Terminal ClockGrand Central Terminal Clock
Harrison Gray 23" Uttermost Avail Mar 25thHarrison Gray 23" Uttermost Avail Mar 25th
Harrison Gray Wall Clock 30" Avail May 6thHarrison Gray Wall Clock 30" Avail May 6th
Hotel De La Reine Clock Brass Pendulum Avail May 6thHotel De La Reine Clock Brass Pendulum Avail May 6th
Hotel De La Reine Gray ClockHotel De La Reine Gray Clock
Hotel De La Reine Pendulum ClockHotel De La Reine Pendulum Clock
Hotel L' Palazzo Pendulum ClockHotel L' Palazzo Pendulum Clock
Hotel La Reine Blue Clock In StockHotel La Reine Blue Clock In Stock
Hotel Pasquier Black Clock 14" PendulumHotel Pasquier Black Clock 14" Pendulum
Hotel Pasquier Cream Clock 14"IP In StockHotel Pasquier Cream Clock 14"IP In Stock
Hotel Reine Gray Clock 16"  In StockHotel Reine Gray Clock 16" In Stock
Houstom Pendulum ClockHoustom Pendulum Clock
Le Belle Pendulum ClockLe Belle Pendulum Clock
Le French Rooster Pendulum GreenLe French Rooster Pendulum Green
Le Rooster Kitchen ClockLe Rooster Kitchen Clock
Lexington Red Wall ClockLexington Red Wall Clock
Lighthouse Pendulum ClockLighthouse Pendulum Clock
Mid Century Cream ClockMid Century Cream Clock
Mid Century Slate Clock Long PendulumMid Century Slate Clock Long Pendulum
Paris Clock PendulumParis Clock Pendulum
Paris Expo Pendulum ClockParis Expo Pendulum Clock
Pendulum Clock Black & WhitePendulum Clock Black & White
Place De Voges  Clock 6" SALEPlace De Voges Clock 6" SALE
Red Poppies Floral ClockRed Poppies Floral Clock
Rooster Pendulum ClockRooster Pendulum Clock
Rossiter Blue Pendulum Clock Avail May 6thRossiter Blue Pendulum Clock Avail May 6th
Simply White Pendulum ClockSimply White Pendulum Clock
Vintage Barnwood Pendulum ClockVintage Barnwood Pendulum Clock
Vintage Parfume Clock PendulumVintage Parfume Clock Pendulum
Vintage Red Pendulum ClockVintage Red Pendulum Clock
Vintage White Pendulum ClockVintage White Pendulum Clock
Waterferd Pendulum ClockWaterferd Pendulum Clock
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