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Timeworks Wall Clocks


Jan 9th, 15
Our Kids love their Pendulux Clock
Great Customer Service!!!
Carol T. NY

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Timeworks Clocks by Uttermost

Continues to be designed by brothers John and Steve Kowalski the original owners of Timeworks Clocks with consistant attention to every detail, inovation of components used to the decorative accents of these Timeworks reproductions clocks shows in the high demand for these best selling Timeworks wall clocks.

 Timeworks clocks are always elegant and timeless for the simple or high end home or office.



Timeworks Wall Clocks & Timeworks Mantel Clocks

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Alexandre Martinot Clock (SKU: UTW-06027)Alexandre Martinot Clock (SKU: UTW-06027)
Auguste Verdier 27" Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06028)Auguste Verdier 27" Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06028)
Bartolini Cream Wall Clock (SKU: UTW-06021)Bartolini Cream Wall Clock (SKU: UTW-06021)
Bond Street 18" Wall Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06029)Bond Street 18" Wall Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06029)
Bond Street Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06030)Bond Street Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06030)
Canal St. Martin Clock Available April 28th (SKU: UTM-06422)Canal St. Martin Clock Available April 28th (SKU: UTM-06422)
Chieron Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06042)Chieron Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06042)
Harrison Gray 23" Timeworks Clock (SKU: UTW-06032)Harrison Gray 23" Timeworks Clock (SKU: UTW-06032)
Harrison Gray Wall Clock 30" (SKU: UTW-06033)Harrison Gray Wall Clock 30" (SKU: UTW-06033)
Hotel  New Orleans 30" Wall Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06044FQ)Hotel New Orleans 30" Wall Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06044FQ)
Leonardo Chronograph Black Pendulum 18" (SKU: UTW-06003)Leonardo Chronograph Black Pendulum 18" (SKU: UTW-06003)
Leonardo Chronograph Cream 18" (SKU: UTW-06004)Leonardo Chronograph Cream 18" (SKU: UTW-06004)
Leonardo Cream Script 18" Clock (SKU: UTW-06006)Leonardo Cream Script 18" Clock (SKU: UTW-06006)
Louis Leniel Clock 20" Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06034)Louis Leniel Clock 20" Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06034)
Marchant Pocket Watch Nickel (SKU: UTW-06071)Marchant Pocket Watch Nickel (SKU: UTW-06071)
Monarch Pendulum Wall Clocks 4" (SKU: UTW-06046Monarch)Monarch Pendulum Wall Clocks 4" (SKU: UTW-06046Monarch)
Philly Clock from Uttermost (SKU: UTM-06095)Philly Clock from Uttermost (SKU: UTM-06095)
Porthole Clock (SKU: UTM-06092)Porthole Clock (SKU: UTM-06092)
Shyam Table Clock (SKU: UTW-06094)Shyam Table Clock (SKU: UTW-06094)
Simpson Starkey Clock  Utermost (SKU: UTW-06038)Simpson Starkey Clock Utermost (SKU: UTW-06038)
Timeworks Pocket Watch Nickel Marchant Cream (SKU: UTW-06070)Timeworks Pocket Watch Nickel Marchant Cream (SKU: UTW-06070)
Timeworks Pocket Watch Table Clock On Sale (SKU: UTW-6068)Timeworks Pocket Watch Table Clock On Sale (SKU: UTW-6068)
Timeworks Wristwatch Alarm  Aureole (SKU: UTW-06072)Timeworks Wristwatch Alarm Aureole (SKU: UTW-06072)
Torriana Wall Clock Uttermost Clocks (SKU: UTW-06091)Torriana Wall Clock Uttermost Clocks (SKU: UTW-06091)
Villa Tesio 23" Wall Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06037)Villa Tesio 23" Wall Clock Timeworks (SKU: UTW-06037)
Villa Tesio Clock 11" Pendulum (SKU: UTW-06040)Villa Tesio Clock 11" Pendulum (SKU: UTW-06040)
Warehouse Grill Clock Uttermost (SKU: UTW-06083)Warehouse Grill Clock Uttermost (SKU: UTW-06083)
Woodburn Pocket Table Watch (SKU: UTW-06069)Woodburn Pocket Table Watch (SKU: UTW-06069)
Wristwatch Alarm Grene (SKU: UTW-06074)Wristwatch Alarm Grene (SKU: UTW-06074)

Timeworks wall clocks are reproduced from clocks that are found in Europe and are
considered works of art. Timeworks clocks have Nobel names sush as
Leonardo, Alexandre Martinot, Bond St, London, Louis Leniel clocks are masterfully designed and
crafted for those who like the Euorpean vintage style in your home.

These beautifully handcrafted Timeworks wall and mantel clocks come with a One Year Manufacture Warranty.

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