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Decorating With Large Wall Clocks



FEb 5th, 2123
Such a beautiful clock and it was
shipped before I expected.
Thanks for you great customer service

Nov 9th,2022
Thank You for assisting me in my clock
purchase. I just love it.
Barbara B.

Sept 3,2022
I received my Venezia Azure clock today and it is STUNNING..
.It was worth the wait and it is hanging up as we speak..
I may have to buy more from this clock manufacturer....
Thank you for everything Joanie

March 9, 2021

I love my huge 60" clock, it is gorgeouos in my new living room
Thank You for following up with me on my order. Your very

Shannon C.

Nov, 2019
It was hard to choose with so many styles, but we are very happy with our
Rooster kitchen clock. It looks  like one of a kind.
Stacy K.

April, 2019
I love this clock so much.
It's more beautiful than the photo.
Thank You for all your help
Peggy M.

Feb, 2019
We love this clock so much we orderd
two more as gifts for famiily members.
Thank You for great customer service.
Jack C.

Jan ,2019
Thank You! I love your clocks!
Camelia V.

Nov 21,2018
Thanks a million Joanie,
I really appreciate your prompt delivery
and personal customer service.
Anne R.

Thank You for the great customer service.
We love our new #clock and hung it up yesterday
in our dining room. Best
Anne S

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  1. Hang Art that works. It not only looks great, but actually does something. Keeping time and looking fabulous on your wall. Timeworks Clocks offer designer clocks in many sizes, most have a vintage flare, but can be placed in a modern setting for a conversation piece. – Joan Iness, Timeworks Wall Clocks

    For the full article visit https://www.redfin.com/blog/home-wall-art-inspiration/
    by Allison Bentley for Redfin
  2. Storewide Clock Sale, Many of your favorite styles are on sale
    from additionnal 10%, 15% and a wopping 25% off on the the Pendlux brand
    of aviation, nautical and gift clocks. All with Free Shipping.
    Offers are good while supplises last.
  3. Extra 10% Off at Checkout and Everything Ships Free Now Available at Clocks Around The World
    Clocksaroundtheworld.com is offering a 10% off for its loyal customers this November. This special offer also includes shipping which would be free for this November special. Clocks Around The World is known for their unique and quality design clocks which is suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. Their rich design catalogue includes clocks of various sizes with fascinating and intricate textures which add to the uniqueness of the clock.
    Wall clocks are not just meant for only time keeping as they can add style to the décor of a home and complement the design. Some of the clocks found at Clocks Around The World come in different sizes, designs, colors, and styles. Finding the right clock suitable for a particular décor is an easy task with Clocks Around the World. The Simpson Starkey 23" wall clock is one of the most sought after clock in the store due to its intricate design. Introduced in 2007 by Timeworks clocks this aged brown -blue dial and cast brass accents clock with a Roman numerals with internal pendulum is the right choice for enhancing the design of a place.

     With the November Special sale customers can get the Rocket Clock  Pendulux which has a retro 1950's dial to remind visitors of the olden days. Its sleek lines of polished aluminum and brass are another exceptional feature of this clock which makes it a must-have. Another option for non-rocket lovers is the beautifully designed Chronograph Black Trademark Time clock which was crafted by Trademark Time Co and weighs around 10Ibs.

      As Christmas approaches a Christmas themed clock would be a great addition in achieving that Christmas feel. The Santa Clock MDallas Co has a vintage style and comes in various sizes suitable for any home. This Santa Claus wall clock is hand made with an artwork mounted on it. The clock hands are designed to match the vintage nature of the Clock and its artwork. For decorative purposes the Charlotta Clock is a decorative Wall Clock specially designed with fade resistant inks in the US and comes with a 3 years Warranty. Street clocks are also available like the Vintage Bellingham St Roman New Joseph Tyler Street Wall Clock which comes with A quality Giclee print that is adhered to its 1/2" thick MDF wood base. For World War enthusiasts the Altimeter Black Table Clock Pendulux gets inspiration for its design from WWII aircraft altimeters and is shaped with a stout brass screws and rugged look. It is a must have desk clock and with the special offer it is affordable. All the items come with free shipping with varying delivery dates.

    To learn more about Clocks Around The World, to view the selection of exciting new designer wall clocks, or to browse its offering of high quality, decorative clocks, please visit the website, email iloveclocks@yahoo.com or call +1-866-916-7087.

  4. Offering Top Quality Large and Over-sized Walls Clocks All at Affordable Prices

    Finding the perfect large or oversized wall clock to fit the décor and decorating style of any room can be a challenging process. Many local retail shops do not offer a good selection of large clocks, and if they do, those clocks are usually very expensive.
    Clocks Around the World provides an exceptional online shopping experience for any home owner or interior decorator who is searching for the perfect large wall clock. With a large selection of clocks in stock from top quality manufacturer at competitive prices, there is something for everyone at the industry leading store.  The exceptional timepiece company offers large sized wall clocks in a variety of categories including:
    ·         Large Wall Clocks
    ·         Oversized Wall Clocks
    ·         Clocks made in the USA
    ·         Rooster Clocks
    Ranging in diameter from 23 inches to 60 inches, the company’s large wall clocks feature contemporary styles, industrial looks, vintage styles and even farmhouse styles. Manufactured by Uttermost, the Timeworks collection of clocks includes very decorative oversized clocks that server as a beautiful centerpiece for a large wall or the entire room.
    Ranging from traditional styles to nautical, sports, and patriotic themes, Clocks Around The World is proud to offer a variety of high quality wall clocks manufactured in the United States for a variety of manufacturing partners. There is even a vintage Santa wall clock that adds the perfect touch for any Christmas season decorating.
    Vintage rooster and hen clocks make wonderful centerpieces for farmhouse or kitchen decorating and create a fun conversation piece. These fabulous clocks come in a wide variety of bright colors as well as black and white and are distressed just enough to add some simple country charm to any home décor.
    Available online and shipping right away, Clocks Around The World offers the widest variety of decorative and functional clocks to accentuate any room and décor. The company is dedicated to delighting its customers with its broad selection of top quality and fashionable clocks all at affordable prices.
  5. Two Day's Only Huge Clocks Sale On Vintage Style Wall Clocks

    Now finding the perfect antique-style wall clock has become even easier and more affordable. An online supplier of a wide range of wall clocks in a variety of styles, Clocks Around The World announces a sale on one of its newest collections of vintage-style wall clocks, the Trademark Time Collection. On September 29th and 30th, 2017, all beautiful clocks in this amazing collection will be on sale for an additional 10% off their already low prices with Free Shipping.

    Designed by master timepiece designer John Kowalski who delights in sharing his love for vintage appearing clocks, these gorgeous vintage-styled wall clocks of the Trademark Time Collection offer the following classic features:

    • French and European artwork and designs
    • Brass internal pendulums, some clocks featuring the highly desired extra-long pendulums
    • Beautiful ring
    • Decorative and detailed clock hands
    • High quality metals frames with press copper sheeting and design accents
    • Glass lens on most clocks to protect the artwork and movement
    • Other artistic design details

    Fitted with high quality movements to complement their attractive design, the Trademark Time Collection has a wide variety of styles and designs to select from. Sure to complement and accent the décor of any home, this special promotional offer is only available on September 29th and 30th, 2017 and free shipping is included with every purchase. For a classical European look in a modern wall clock, now is an excellent time to add a beautiful timepiece to any room in the home.

    With a large selection of wall clocks available online and shipping right away, Clocks Around The World offers the widest variety of decorative and functional clocks to accentuate any room and décor. The company is dedicated to delighting its customers with its broad selection of top quality and fashionable clocks all at affordable prices

  6. Keeping Track of Time with Uttermost Clocks

    Thinking of changing the clocks in your house? Having trouble deciding on where to buy clocks? Don’t worry, we are to help you. Uttermost wall clocks provide you the most trend setting range of wall and mantel clocks. Uttermost works with famous clock designers therefore giving you a wide range of styles to choose from.

    Keeping track of time in every room has not been easy before. Uttermost clocks on sale allow you to buy clocks for every room in your house. They have a wide range of clocks from wall clocks to table clocks to a wrist watch.

    Whether you are looking for a clock to hang in your kitchen or on the bedside table. Clocks only function is not just to tell you time but to help you get up in the morning. They assist you in manage your time and monitor your schedule.

    Read further to know the reasons to buy uttermost clocks.

    Types of Clocks

    There are various different styles and types of clock available on the market. Some of them are:

    • Mantel clocks
    • Wall clocks
    • Desktop clocks
    • Alarm clocks
    • Traditional Clocks
    • Nautical Clocks
    • Metal Clocks

    Why are Uttermost Clocks Special?

    Uttermost uses a combination of functionality and style in all their clocks. They provide you an opportunity to have a clock of traditional design with a modern touch. These clocks bring a touch of personal style and do not overwhelm other accessories in your home. The modern mantel wall clocks are best for adding the flair to your décor.

    Uttermost use the top-quality material when producing the best clocks. They pay attention to detailing as this is what makes the Uttermost wall clocks stylish. Uttermost Wall Clocks offer the best wall clocks for making a great impression on friends and guests.

    With the help of uttermost mantel wall clocks, you can make a unique style statement in your home. Wall clocks look elegant in your house and are a beautiful crucial element in your living room. As there is an extensive range of wall clocks to choose from. You must keep in mind is that you must select the style and texture that suits your interior.

    Therefore, the uttermost wall clocks offer the decorative clocks to accessorize thematic designs.

  7. Best Clocks for Your House- Pendulux Clocks

    Are you looking for a clock? Is it difficult to decide which company to buy from? Don’t worry we are here to help you. This article states the best clock company, Pendulux. When you look at the clocks, you see more than the time. Whether it is a wall clock or an alarm clock. They reflect your style and assist in completing your home. Nowadays, the clocks go beyond the standard grandfather styles.

    Pendulux Clocks are designed by Steve Kowalski a former co -founder of the beloved Timeworks Clocks. The wall and table clocks are available in a wide range that is made of steel and natural wood with glass lens. What makes them special is that they are handmade and finished. These clocks are produced from:

    • Metal/Steel
    • Antiqued brass
    • Polished cast aluminum
    • Wood
    • Glass

    Let us take a closer look at the reasons for buying clocks from Pendulux.

    Reasons for Buying Clocks From Pendulux

    The unique Pendulux clocks are simplistic pieces that can add a touch of personal style and flair to your home. A clock is always a useful addition to any space. They ensure that their clocks feature the best quartz movements. This provides you reliability and accuracy for a longer period of time.

    When buying clocks from Pendulux, you are offered a wide range of clocks to choose from. Are you confused which clock to buy? Wondering what type of clock you should get? Don’t worry by answering some simple questions you can get the perfect Pendulux clock. Where will you place the clock? Whether it is going on a kitchen wall or bedside table. What style are you looking for? Whether it is classic wall clock or battery-powered table clock. Are you comfortable with Roman Numerals or Arabic numbers clocks? You must buy the clock that fits right in with the décor of your house. Picking something that makes a huge difference in your room. It is the first thing you will notice in the morning, it must be that makes you happy.

    The Pendulux clocks dials are made from originals and they pay attention to detail and authenticity. The diameter varies in size from 5 inches to 24 inches. As most of the clocks are made from steel, they are counterbalanced if they are 6 incheslong.

    Getting a new clock is easy and affordable when you feel it’s time for a change. Visit Pendulux and choose from the unique Pendulux clocks. The clocks will just go with any décor and they will make a timely statement on your wall.

  8. Home De'cor Ideas Using LARGE Wall Clocks

    Decorating with clocks has been a favorite for many years, but today it has become more of a trend that does not seem to be going anywhere soon. There are certain areas of a home that just seems to call out for a fabulous large wall clock. Traditional, classic or modern style clocks can change the look of your space in an instant.
    Wide open homes with vaulted ceilings can be a decorating nightmare since anything that you place on your wall can seem so small. Using oversized wall clocks can be the perfect solution to that problem. Depending on where in the home the open space is located, there are a few options on how you can incorporate your clock into your home decor.
    In kitchens with a large feature wall, look for a large wall clock that may be made from metal with open scrollwork. These are so popular because of all of the different options of design. Plus they look fabulous with the metals and woods often seen in the kitchen. You can find them with colored faces, farm animals or in a floral motif, which are very popular for kitchens as they are easily blended into the kitchen design and color choice.
    Living areas are also a prime area for high ceilings and large expanses of wall space that can be difficult to decorate. Traditional or modern style clocks seem to be more mainstream when decorating open living space so you can look for lovely clocks with world maps, old world style, metal clocks with a modern flair, European vintage style clocks and more. The choices are huge for this area and they will easily blend with furnishings to complete the décor.
    Master bedrooms are another key area that seems to call out for beautiful feature wall decorating ideas. You can use several clocks of alternating size and blend in family photos or pieces of art work.  Or find one large wall clock in metal or wood with a more artful flair for a serene and peaceful space. The choices are endless.
    Using wall clocks in your home will transform the look of your home with a simple addition of a stunning clock. Blending them into your décor is easy with the large array of design choices and affordability of the large wall clock. 
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